Is your publishing or communications workflow as efficient as it could be?

My Master of Publishing training and my work as in-house editorial coordinator have given me a theoretical and a practical understanding of publishing-industry best practices in editorial, design, and production. I’ve helped clients evaluate their workflows to identify what they’re doing well and what strategies could help alleviate their bottlenecks.

As a publishing consultant I can work with publishers and other organizations to develop:

  • information resources to help team members understand their roles,
  • editorial, design, and production templates that can save team members from duplicating work,
  • a house style guide that’s easy to use and maintain and that reflects the organization’s identity,
  • documentation for publishing processes within the organization to preserve institutional memory and help train new staff, and
  • checklists for editorial, design, and production tasks to ensure consistent quality.

Past projects

  • An editorial handbook to help authors understand what the editing and design process will involve.
  • Basic checklists for copy editing, proofreading, and checking printer’s proofs, as well as specialized checklists for cookbooks, art books, and other specific genres.
  • An editorial wiki for in-house and freelance editors to serve as a repository for house style and quality-assurance tools.
  • A marketing and publicity wiki to help authors understand their role and the publisher’s role in promoting their book.
  • An annual unconference for publication production professionals to gather and exchange knowledge.