I’m an award-winning editor who enjoys editing and proofreading a variety of nonfiction publications, including:

  • trade books,
  • textbooks,
  • scholarly journals and books,
  • magazine articles,
  • policy reports,
  • health education materials, and
  • manuals and guides.

I’m a certified professional editor, which means I’ve completed Editors Canada’s certification exams, demonstrating excellence in these editorial skills:

  • structural editing,
  • stylistic editing,
  • copy editing, and
  • proofreading.

I specialize in plain language communications, helping authors clearly convey complex concepts to their intended audience. I always strive to sensitively balance the needs of the author with those of the readership.

Past editing projects

  • A book cover with the book title, "British Columbia: A New Historical Atlas" and the author name, "Derek Hayes" in a diamond in the centre. On each of the four corners is a detail from a historical map.
    British Columbia: A New Historical Atlas by Derek Hayes