Six-frame cartoon. Frame 1: Bespectacled editor says, “I just put the finishing touches on my conference outfit.” She holds up a T-shirt for curly-haired editor to see. Frame 2 shows the front of the T-shirt, which has vaguely psychedelic lettering in green, orange, and yellow, reading "Please forgive me if I don't recall your name, even if we've known each other for ages. It's not that I don't remember or respect or value you. It's just that this is my first in-person conference in years, and I have forgotten how to people." Frame 3: Bespectacled editor pulls the T-shirt over her head while curly-haired editor says, “You’re wearing THAT to the conference?” Frame 4: Curly-haired editor says, “I’m sorry, but you look ridiculous!” Frame 5: The editors stare at each other in awkward silence. Frame 6: Curly-haired editor sheepishly says, “Can you make me one?” And Bespectacled editor says, “Of course.”In case you want a close-up of just the lettering, here it is.

I’m so looking forward to seeing friends and colleagues at the upcoming Editors Canada conference in Vancouver (although I’m pre-emptively cringing at my inevitable faux pas).

I’ll be leading a guided discussion on advocating for editing on Saturday, June 22, from 10:15 to 11:15 am, and I hope you’ll join me and share your ideas.

I’ve also signed up to staff the member book table on Sunday, June 23, beginning at 8:45 am, where I’m selling copies of An Editorial Cartoon and Angry Jelly Donut at a discount. As usual, $1 from each book sold goes to charity.

See you soon! It’s been too long.

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5 thoughts on “Reintegration”

    1. Hahaha. This is all very absurd and hilarious to me, but I’ve (reluctantly*) made it available on the Angry Jelly Donut TeePublic storefront:

      TeePublic has sales twice a month, when prices drop by about 35%. As a miser, I advise anyone wanting a shirt to wait till then.

      *Reluctantly because I don’t want this to become what’s effectively a fast-fashion item that folks will wear only once. I gently ask friends and colleagues to consider carefully how much they’ll use the shirt before buying! (I know—I am terrible at capitalism!)

  1. I would buy it and wear it all the time if it weren’t just for conferences. After more than 20 years holed up freelancing, I am bad at peopling and remembering names in every context! 🙂

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