Hands—and book announcement

Four-frame cartoon. Frame 1: Bespectacled editor sits at her desk and types on her computer. Frame 2: She raises her hands toward her face and stares at them. Frame 3: We see her point of view, showing her two spherical hands hovering over her keyboard. Frame 4: She says, "How the hell am I typing?"

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Time flies when you’re living in a slow-motion apocalypse! I can hardly believe it, but I posted my first cartoon about editing and publishing ten years ago.

To celebrate a decade of esoteric absurdity, I’ve compiled my archive into a print book.

Cover of the book "An Editorial Cartoon" by Iva Cheung. The image shows a black-and-white cartoon on a white background, featuring Bespectacled editor and Curly-haired editor sitting at a table with their laptops and chatting over coffee.

If you’d like a copy of An Editorial Cartoon, you can find one wherever IngramSpark books are sold, including at these online retailers:

If you’d rather get it from your local indie bookstore or library, let them know they can order the book via Ingram Content Group :

  • hardcover ISBN 978-1-7782897-3-6
  • paperback ISBN 978-1-7782897-4-3

One dollar from each book sold goes toward Indigenous editing and publishing initiatives through the Indigenous Editors Association.

As I put the book together, I was reminded that I didn’t start adding alt text to my cartoons till about 2016, so I’ve taken this opportunity to rectify my longstanding oversight, and all of the comics in my archives should now be fully accessible to everyone who uses screen readers.

The concept for “Hands,” above, came from my spouse, who’d proposed it during the cartoon’s early days—maybe in its first year. I held off on making it because I thought it was too meta. But maybe a bit of self-indulgence is appropriate for a tenth-anniversary celebration…?

Massive thanks to everyone for reading and sharing (and inspiring!) my silly cartoons over the years. I appreciate you more than you could know.


UPDATE (January 5, 2022): Some very sweet people have asked about getting signed copies. I don’t have the capacity to store and mail out signed books, but if you are among the first 40 readers to (a) post a photo of your copy of the book to social media, tagging me in, and (b) send me your mailing address, I’d be delighted to mail you a personalized and signed bookplate.

Photo showing a stack of self-adhesive bookplates measuring 3.25 inches wide and 4 inches tall. The "EX LIBRIS" on the bookplate is crossed out in red, with the replacement text "This book belongs to" written above it and the marginal note "Too pretentious" circled beside it. Underneath, Bespectacled editor holds a pen, looking up at text that reads, "Signed by the author."


7 thoughts on “Hands—and book announcement”

  1. This has been added to my wishlist, with strong hints to family members for my birthday in a few months to be coming.

    Your cartoons are a joy for my wife and me.

  2. Late to the party, but this made me laugh!
    Ordering your book through my local indie shop in honor of my 10 years as a full-time freelancer anniversary.
    Thanks for this and for all your stellar work!

    1. Happy freelance-versary, Isabella! If you’d like me to mail you a bookplate, feel free to send me a mailing address via my contact page.

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