11 thoughts on “#EditorProblems”

  1. Spend twenty minutes carefully crafting a query about an incomprehensible passage. Discover that you now understand the passage and can simply edit it.

    1. Sandra–in my world (software) there’s actually a name for the phenomenon you mention: rubber duck debugging. There is of course a Wikipedia article about it.

      (Sorry to hijack this otherwise focused commentary. 🙂 )

      1. Mike – Thanks for the “rubber duck” information. I often have to force myself not to correct a usage or grammar issue that intuitively seems wrong until I can explain to myself why it is an error. Explaining it to the author in plain English is its own can of worms.

    2. Oh, this one, yes, Sandra!

      Of course, really, that’s not a problem but a win. But, the perfectly crafted, clear yet tactful query that gets trashed! I should have a bunch of wee picture frames just to honour them in.


      1. Frames: yes! 😉 (Full disclosure: I have been known to save some of these queries, and even to find uses for them.)

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