Upcoming EAC-BC meeting on ebooks

My good friend Lara Smith, one of the most generous, helpful people I know, will be giving a talk at the upcoming EAC-BC meeting about ebook formats, digital production workflows, and what editors need to know about ebook conversion. Lara, the print and digital production coordinator at D&M, is the perfect person to give this presentation not only because she sits at the intersection between p- and ebooks but also because she’s worked in house as a proofreader and indexer and acutely understands editorial concerns in the ebook production process. (As an aside, Lara and her partner, Anita, are responsible for the best chili oil I’ve ever tasted.)

Join us at the YWCA on Hornby on Wednesday, October 17, for Lara’s talk and the chance to win a free EAC-BC professional development seminar (as well as the books I’ve reviewed on this site since last month’s meeting). Refreshments and mingling start at 7 pm, and the talk begins at 7:30 pm.

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