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  1. This is my 1rst participation in a Blog.

    Please excuse my ignorance but I’m old school. This being said I don’t understand the frustration of Blog communication.

    Can someone please clarify so I don’t abuse the protocol.

    Perhaps an information website that would help?…especially with what the music notes & spelling that causes agitation.

    1. I think I understand now.

      I relate so very well to the last image with the girl under the desk.

      I’m not sure if it was changed recently, maybe I took more time to focus on it and it’s meaning.

      Thank you…The illustrations work for me very much as my first language is French.


  2. Hi, Viki,
    Because I struggled to learn French, I admire anyone learning a second language. The comic means this: A woman posts about a frustration in editing. It might be something like “Microsoft Word makes editing tables so difficult” or “I have so many projects today, I don’t know where to start!” Then she starts getting responses (the little musical notes ♪ suggesting a notification that she received responses). And suddenly, there is a flood of responses. But they are the sort of things that professional editors prefer NOT to discuss in public. Perhaps making fun of someone’s grammar mistake in print. Or pointing out a typo in someone’s post. Complaints about authors. Heated discussions about some small detail that doesn’t matter. It’s like a mathematician asking for help on a difficult mathematical proof and then people start complaining that they don’t like the shape of the number “6” or explaining why they hate Pascal! At least I think this is what Iva was trying to show!

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